Vol. 3, No. 2, November 2004

Three Favorable Techniques for Intersubjective Psychotherapy

Technique one: Dream work and free association

Freud was clear in The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) that dreams are a direct connection to unconscious inner life. Modern psychoanalysis, specifically the intersubjective, has completely rejected Freudian psychoanalysis in favor of a relational model where discovery is what happens in the intersubjective field between the subjective world of the psychotherapist and the subjective world of the client. For me, Freud's theories on dream analysis are not contradictory but complimentary to the intersubjective domain. I have found his discovered knowledge of the method for analyzing dreams and the use of free association by the client in order to discover the hidden meaning in the dream work extremely useful as a technique for psychotherapy work.

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