Vol. 2, No. 1 Spring 2003

Guardian of our Spirit through Mentorship

I understand that learning about mentorship is a lifelong process. I believe that mentorship is a kind of personal responsibility that we take to help and support others, and to let others help us. The roles of mentor and 'mentee' are interchangeable in that, at one moment the learner is the teacher and at another moment, the teacher is the learner. In other words, our roles within interdependency are constantly changing and evolving.

I believe that any form of communication is part of our mentorship to others. Ultimately, I believe that our guidance must be in support of the human spirit, including all of life processes, and that nothing should be revered above or below the natural flow of life. Unfortunately, I can see that many of the mentorship teachings that have been put in place in the modern world have overlooked the human spirit. What I do observe is a small ground swell of leadership models that are based on mentorship: these models focus on the value of life and, for now, are on the margins of our culture, waiting to swoop in and make a larger claim.

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