Vol. 1, No. 3 Fall 2002

Editorial: Co-creative relationships

The overall reason the Esprit publication came into being was because we felt a need to share our pathways of discovery with others in the hope of connecting with a larger community. We are exploring how to co-create dialogue with our readers in order to understand how to foster healthy communications in our lives together on this planet.

For the most part we live in a hierarchical infrastructure where we all know that we can be placed above or below one another and in a patriarchal structure where one gender reigns. This leaves us to struggle with superiority or inferiority complexes.

My Speaking Engagement in Belleville

I spoke to the Business and Professional Women's Club in Belleville with the intention of introducing some of my knowledge about psychotherapy and information about our work, to a smaller Ontario community. There were twenty-five women at the talk. The age range was from twenty to seventy five. I was invited to be a guest speaker by my sister Donna and to me, this was an honour and privilege. I felt very proud to be a part of her life in her work environment. She expressed the same sentiment to me.

I asked if anyone was aware of the practice of psychotherapy and only one person answered yes. I found that some people were very interested and that others would drift in and out. I learned that I needed to explore further how to capture the attention of people who have no knowledge about the psychotherapy profession. I know that there are more lessons to learn from this experience.

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